Home Improvement Tips

  • Steps to Repair a Burst Pipe Yourself

    As soon as you find a burst pipe, turn off the water supplyat the main water shutoff valveimmediately, to avoid leaking more water and danger. If you find some leakingwater on the floor, turn off the electricity too. The next important thing is to drain the water out of the plumber, or the remain... View Post
  • 10 Hacks to Cut Your House-Cleaning Time in Half

    Move and sweat, that’s Summer! We believe the first thing everyone wants to do in these hot summer days must be eating a cup of ice cream while watching TV for a complete relaxation, however, please take a look at how many dishes awaiting cleaning, how many shirts awaiting washing and then wake ... View Post
  • Six Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

    It is quite effective to increase thevalue of your house by upgrading and changing its appearances. Potential buyerswillbe more interested in your “new” house, but mostly you have to spenda lot of money on it. However, you can still find various ways to upgrade your home without spending all your... View Post