10 Hacks to Cut Your House-Cleaning Time in Half

Move and sweat, that’s Summer! We believe the first thing everyone wants to do in these hot summer days must be eating a cup of ice cream while watching TV for a complete relaxation, however, please take a look at how many dishes awaiting cleaning, how many shirts awaiting washing and then wake up! Use these 10 hacks to make cleaning easier than ever!

  • Socks to Clean Blinds

Take out a small container and make a 1:1 water and white vinegar mixture in it, grab a clean sock and dip it in. Put the sock on your hand then start to clean the blinds easily by swiping the sock over the slats while embracing inner puppeteer.

  • White Onions to Clean the Grill

Chemicals can be very fast and easy when you use them to clean the grill. However, natural materials can be also handy and effective, For example, you may use a raw white onion to clean the grill, it will not only take off the dirt but also add more extra flavor to your food!

  • Scrub Keyboard with Toothbrush

Toothbrush can be a brilliant tool to clean your keyboard since it can help you reach so-hard-to-clean edges easily.

  • Clean Sneakers with Toothpaste

Wearing a pair of clean white sneakers can be very elegant, they highlight your day, however, badly effect your good emotions when dirt ruined them. A very smart way to clean sneakers is to use toothpaste, it will give you far better result than the dish soap can give.

  • Vinegar to Clean Mirror and Faucets

Final solution to clean mirror and faucets is the mixture of half vinegar and half water. They will be shinning again as brand new!

  • Mop to Clean Ceiling

The smartest way to save money is using old tools that you already have but doing a complete different job! Mop is not designed specially for cleaning floor, it can be also used for cleaning ceilings, tiles and walls.

  • Warm Water to Clean Blender

Cleaning blender can be a nightmare for most of us, however, you can simply pour liquid soap and water together into the blender, turn it on and let it blender itself. It is the quickest and simplest way to remove the gunk.

  • Hairspray to Clean Lipstick

Got lipstick on your T-shirt? Don’t straightly throw it into the washing machine. Instead, you should spray the lipstick mark with hairspray, rub gently with a cloth and then wash it as normal.

  • Baking Soda to Clean Tiles

To remove water stains and mildew from kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles it to use backing soda. The perfect result will surprise you without doubt. Try by yourself!

  • Salt to Clean Wood Cutting Board

Make sure your wood cutting board is all dry, sprinkle it with coarse salt to remove those stubborn stains on it and then rub with a half lemon gently to eliminate bad smells. It works, you should try!