If you purchased a Zagg Product recently, you must be clear that you should register your product so that you can replace or return the products you bought if they face any problems. All ZAGG customers can get perfect services as customer satisfaction is their major goal.

Steps of registering a product on ZAGG.com:

If you have bought a product from ZAGG.com, you do not need to register your product any more. It means your request number is valid for any replacement processes. But if you have bought any ZAGG item offline, then you must visit www.zagg.com/register to register your product as soon as possible.

To register any ZAGG item you bought offline, please do the following steps one by one:

1) Open the website link www.zagg.com/register in your web browser.

2) Choose a category on the registration page.

3) Use the drop-down menus to find your ZAGG product.

4) Provide all the credentials in the given space, including the purchase date, quantity of products, your location, and more.

5) Click the button "Register Product".

6) Enter your email address in the given space.

7) If you have finished all above, please click the button "Submit". But if you want to register another product, please click the button “Add Another Product”.

In the same way, you can also log into your account and then select "Register a Product".

Need more help, call Zagg customer care agent at 1-800-700-9244(ZAGG) or write email to questions@zagg.com.

About Zagg:

As an extremely prominent name renowned for its brand called InvisibleShield, www.zagg.com is popular worldwide. Customers can not only purchase screen protectors, mobile accessories, audio products and more on the site, but they can also get the guarantee for the items they bought. That is to say, ZAGG provides high-intensity protection to its customers.