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ToonMe is a photo editor that turns ordinary photos into comic drawings. ToonMe makes it simple to build super-realistic cartoons from your face in a variety of styles. These graphics are created and developed by the PhotoLab company and with the help of artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies, it also allows you to make stickers with your face for WhatsApp and create excellent artistic graphics for creative images.
The main purpose of the ToonMe app is to make cartoon drawings or vector-based pictures in the style of Pixar's computer-generated animation. It transforms your images into Pixar- and Disney-fied representations of yourself, allowing you to see how you'd appear in a cartoon.
If you fantasized about becoming a cartoon character, then why not give it a try to use the Toon Me app and make that fantasy come true.


The ToonMe app has features that come with a diverse collection of layouts and styles that bring the drawings to life.
• Make stickers with your face
ToonMe has designed a thousand different emotion stickers for you to use. It makes it simple to make a fun and entertaining snapshot. Simply go to the ToonMe Stickers tab, then choose a photo of yourself that you'd like to modify and convert into a great and trendy image.
• Effects and detailed designs
This function allows you to transform into a cartoon character. And can also be used to create graphics from standard trendy pictures or Toon Effects. They look like a mix of different faces and background styles. The result is only as good as the creativity of the person creating the effect.


  • There are two ways on how to use the ToonMe app. You can create cartoons using your PC or your Mobile Phone:
    How to create cartoons with ToonMe on mobile
    To use ToonMe on your phone, you'll need to download an app, which is available for both Android and iOS users (iPhone system). Here are the step-by-step instructions:
  1. Go to these URLs to get "ToonMe - Cartoon Yourself Photo Editor" from Google Play or App Store.
  2. Open the app and select one of the various styles from the main screen, then provide permission for it to access your files. You'll need this permission to put your photos through the "transformation" process.
  3. Now choose a photo from your phone's gallery or press the camera icon to take a new one. If you select this option, the app will request permission to access your camera.
  4. Take the photo regularly and cut off only the parts you wish to use if necessary.
  5. Allow for the service to process your photo and then check out the outcome. Then, using the "Share" button, select whether or not the caricature will be stored or shared on social media.
    How to create cartoons with ToonMe on your PC
    ToonMe is a mobile app that can also be used on a computer; however, the internet interface is significantly simpler.
  6. Open the ToonMe website in your preferred browser;
  7. Select the photo you want to use from your computer by tapping on “Choose Photo.”
  8. Select a Photo
  9. Then, just wait for the transformation process to occur.
  10. Choose your favorite model and click "Download in HD" to save the image and share it wherever you wish.

Now that you know how to make cartoons with the ToonMe app or website, your dreams of being a cartoon character can come true.

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