- Make an Athena Health Payment Online (formerly is an online payment portal provided by Athena Health. It is an online portal that enables customers to pay for all medical bills. The portal, in addition to accepting payments, offers a variety of benefits and features, such as online appointment,  patients' records, patient's medical history, patient's test results, and more.

To use the Athena Health Payment service, you must first register on this website within a few simple steps. Take a look at the steps outlined below to simply finish your registration:

How to Register with Athena Health Payment Service?

  • To begin, go to the official website of this portal, which is accessible at

  • On the top right side of this portal, you will now find the "Sign Up" option. Take a look at this section.

  • You will now be redirected to a page where you will be asked for basic information such as your name, last name, contact information, email address, and so on.

  • Submit all of the required information, double-check it, and then click "Submit."

  • You will now be prompted to create a username and password for use on future visits to this portal.

  • You will now be provided with a set of terms and conditions. Once you've read it, give your permission to use it.

  • Finally, your screen will display a message acknowledging your registration. It successfully completes the registration process on this portal. You can now log in to your account and pay your medical bill in a matter of seconds.

How to Login into and pay your medical bill online:

  • To begin, go to to access the official portal.

  • Just beside the "Sign Up" option, you'll see a "Sign In" button.

  • Then Fill in the blanks with your username and password, and click "Submit."

  • You will be redirected to your account home page if the given information is valid. From here, you may easily pay off all of your medical bills. It will ask for Statement Code throughout the sign-in session.
  • Simply put the code into the box and then select the drop-down menu. Then you're ready to use QuickPay Portal to complete with all your medical transactions online.

  • Choose the medical bill you want to pay from the list. Then choose your preferred payment option after choosing the medical bill.

  • Proceed with the transaction after you've selected on your preferred method of medical bill payment.

  • You will get a transaction success SMS to your registered mobile number, as well as an invoice or receipt of the transaction to your registered email address, after you have successfully completed the transaction and paid the medical bill.

Need more help, call customer service (800) 981-5084 directly.

About Athena Health:

Athena Health is a publicly listed American company which provides network-based healthcare solutions. In addition, the company has created mobile apps which provide Point-of-Care services in the United States.