Manage Your Subway Card Account Online

Do you want to save some money at Subway restaurant? If yes, using a subway card is rather than a crazy idea. With the card, you can earn one point for every dollar spent and use the points to get your favorite sub, salad, drink or side!

How to manage your card account online?

If you have already got a Subway Card, check out the website and register online, then you can check your balance and reward points, reload or better, set up auto-reload, and more.

Additionally, once registered your unused balance and rewards will be freezed and replaced to a new card when you lost your card. You can also be qualified to receive special promotional offers. It is promised that the company doesn’t share your personal details with any third party or affiliate companies, so you don’t have to worry about your information security.

Benefits of a Subway Card:

It is an electronic spending/gift card that can be purchased at all Subway restaurants throughout the U.S. and Canada in any amount between $5 and $100. Special pricing for customized photo cards or limited edition cards orders of 21 to 1000 cards.

Under the Rewards Program, customers earn one point for every dollar spent on SUBWAY® restaurant menu items. The points can then be redeemed for free menu items. Points are rounded up or down to the nearest dollar, prior to sales taxes.

You can also receive personalized BONUS offers and coupons, and a special treat on your birthday.

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How to get a Subway Card?

Just go to your local Subway restaurant or go online the website to order it. To get a subway card, you should pay $0.70 purchase fee and $0.99 shipping fee for online orders. You can rest assured that it has no hidden fees.

After getting a card, please present your card at the time of purchase in order to earn Rewards Points. Customers earn one point for every one dollar spent in SUBWAY Restaurant. These points aren’t redeemable for cash. You may be required by the restaurant to register their cards online before using the points. Your points can only be redeemed in SUBWAY Restaurants for specific products (check the list on the website).

Please note, not every restaurant is accessible by subway card, and you can visit to find a participating SUBWAY restaurant near you.